Granite Columns, Ballusters, and PillarsMarblemaster has introduced granite and marble columns and pillars. Granite or Marble Columns and Pillars are available in solid or hollow natural stone configurations and can be used in both structural and non structural interior and exterior applications. Available in White Landscape marble or Dakota Red, Tiger Yellow, Midnight Black and Sumas Sky White colors of granite. Standard diameter is 36 inches (90CM). Typical wall thickness of the column is about 3cm (1 1/4 inches)The column walls are made up of three sections from three to four feet high (depending on the stone) and can be configured in heights up to 16 feet. Base and top caps are also available. Lead time is 8 to 12 weeks. Custom sizes from 18 to 36 inch diameters are also are available.

The Ionic style column was used extensively in Greek and Roman architecture. The origin of this style has been dated as far back as 350 BC. The Parthenon, Temple of Apollo, Temple of Diana and other magnificent buildings used this column as supports and decorations in the inner portion of these great structures.

The capital is formed of leaves and spiral-scroll volutes which flow from the column shaft on two sides. These columns were generally anywhere from 6' to 157' tall and about 7 feet in diameter.

Our excellent recreation of the classic column makes a great conversation piece in any home, office or den. Our Antiqued Roman column can stand on its own as a piece of art or can be used as a pedestal to showcase any of our smaller pieces of art. Their solid weight also makes them ideal for use as classic bookends, and are being offered at a special price as a set.

The Roman column is offered in your choice of either Antique Sandstone (featured above), or our natural Roman Gray.
12.5" tall.

Sometimes things don't go together like you'd want them to or like they are suppose to. Like in the picture below. Ideally the two halves of the column would go together and fit smoothly, showing little if any seam. However this wasn't the case here. As you can see it took quite a bit of bonding cement to fill in the seam. The column is ten feet tall the seam needed to be filled the entire height on both sides.

What to do?

 Trying to sand down the filler to make the column perfectly smooth did not work at all. The solution was to add texture to simulate the column being made of stone. Then two glazes of two different colors were used to age the stone look. The end result below shows no sign of a seam.


completed July 2001