Shenzhen factory Dongguan factory
Occupied an area of 50,000square meters , with the imported machineries mainly from Italy and Taiwan, the main function of Shenzhen base is to process the imported marble: slab cutting, special designed pattern processing, even the most complicated stone works can find a solution here.
Quanzhou  factory Fuding  factory

Covering an area of 95,000square meters, with co-operation with the second and third biggest stone enterprises from Japan, the main function of this base is for the production of granite slab with the big supply of 1 cm thickness tile of G606,G636,G633,603,615,G615,G640,AG98,G635,G654, G655.... Most of its products are exported to Japan, Europe and U.S.A.

The well-known stone type, for example: Fuding black and Dalian Sesame are quarried and processed here and satisfy the domestic consumption and international order.
Shanghai factory
Reasonable price, abundance in product variety and amazing processing precision are among the advantages of our Shanghai Factory.
¡¡ Founded in 1997 and located in the southeast part of China, initially it served as a natural stone material supply center to satisfy the local and neighbor area needs. With the fast development of region economy, in order to provide better service to the customers, we invested greatly in recent years for the introducing of the advanced equipments and the purchasing of the land. By the end of this year, you will find a totally new Shanghai Base with superior processing equipments¡ª8 diamond gansaws, 4 remote infrared sawing and 2 up-to-date polishing lines etc.

<<Remarks: all the above belong to our firm and other sister supporting factory.>>