SHITUO STONE INC. is a combination in stone importing & exporting, quarrying, stone processing, engineering and marketing. The greatest all-around stone enterprise in China。。
1Process equipment
Perfect quality originated from qualified talents and up-to-date machineries, year by year, we invested greatly on the introducing the advanced international equipments, until now we have established five processing bases: Shenzhen; Dongguan; Xiamen; Shandong and Shanghai. For more information about the equipments and processing base, CLICK HERE...

Mine material
Exclusively we own the following quarries: Shidao Red; Zhonglei Red and Best Cheer White with the annual output in 30,000 steres, 10,000 steresand 10,000 steres separately.
Concerning the imported raw materials, our overseas experienced i
nspectors are responsible for the quality, until now we have established several representative offices around the world, for example: Italy; USA and Brazil etc.

3Market Network
  After years hard working, we have not only set up numbers subsidiary companies in WUHAN,NANJING,SYHANGHAI,XIAMEN provinces etc.. but also over 20 offices in other large and middle cities around the whole country.
Quality System
  With the authentication of ISO9000 system by SGS organization in Dec. 1999, our product quality is ready to satisfy all the requirements of the customers.
  From the very beginning of the company foundation, we pay more attention to the structure of the personnel and this is the very import reason for us keeping standing ahead of the profession.
Information System
  With the adopting the modern information system, we are taking all the market demands in the scientific and efficient way and these will be the necessary preparation work for us to the top stone enterprise around the world in the near 3-5 years.


Offering Nature's most elegant and economic building materials.

 SHITUO STONE(XIAMEN) CO., LTD.. owns FOUR massive and resourceful quarry mines

Classic Crimson-Quarry Mine
  The unique Classic Crimson when blushed looks light brown and brownish-red in colour which is elegant and classical. The Classic Crimson is composed of fine particles which make the pattern distribute evenly. Formed over 1.7 billion years ago, Classic Crimson is one of the oldest stones. Its formation is complicated and therefore, is exceptionally precious.

  Classic Crimson Quarry

Amber Flower-Quarry Mine
  Belonging to the composite-granite family, the quarry is in a mixture of red, grey and white colour. The main composition is Quartz, Potash Feidspar, Anorthosite and Biotite, therefore it has a bright and shiny effect.

   Amber Flower Quarry 

Blushing Rose and Mozart Ruby-Quarry Mine
  The raw material is evenly distributed on the mine. The main composition is Quartz, Potash Feidspar, Hornblende and Biotite. The colour is trendy and bright. In 1998, it was classified as the "National Best Stone". The blushed surface is pink and is usually used in external walls of buildings. 

   Blushing Rose and 
   Mozart Ruby Quarry

Fuding Black Mine
  The quarry is grayish-black in colour and is bright and shiny. The color is also named with Fujian black(G684).It is located in the northwest of Fujian.

   Fuding black Quarry