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Granite is an igneous rock, formed mainly by the crystallization of once molten material under conditions of extreme heat and pressure. Commercially various stones of volcanic origin with different characteristics from true granites, such as pegmatite, diorite, larvikytes, and syenites, are also sold as "granites". The properties of granite, that make it the ideal stone surface, are its hardness and inherent resistance to acid granites are not "attacked" by the acids normally present in foods and cleaning products. yet granite is a porous stone and requires proper sealing with a silicone based impregnator to prevent staining. 


SHITUO QUARRY, one of the largest granite quarries and manufacturers in the Fujian province,China, has been providing large granite blocks to the international and domestic marketplace for over 10 years. Offering blocks from over 20 quarries, we have a very extensive assortment of colors for international sales and a more limited variety for domestic use.

Rich color, consistency and availability of large quantities and sizes makes our granite well-suited for monuments, exterior cladding, interior tile, paving, detailing, sculpture features and landscaping applications for commercial and residential buildings. Other uses include jetty stone, aggregate and curbing.

We encourage on-site quarry and block inspections. Due to limited volumes in some quarries we suggest timely placement of orders.

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Granite Finishes

The following finishes are available as standard from Cold Spring Granite Company. Other custom finishes can be produced on a special order basis. Cold Spring Granite provides over 500 color and finish combinations for you to choose from.


The Polished finish is a highly reflective, mirror gloss finish. The full color, depth and crystal structure of the stone is visible. A polished finish seals surface pores and is, therefore, nearly impervious to weather and chemical wear.


A smooth, satin surface without reflection, the Honed finish shows the full color of the stone. It is produced on the same equipment as the polished finishes; however, the honing process ends prior to the buffing stage.

Diamond 8

Diamond 8 is a honed finish plus an additional process that enhances the color and removes microscopic crystals that may leave a hazy appearance. Recommended on darker granite colors.


The Thermal finish is produced by applying a high-temperature flame to the surface of the stone. This flame fractures crystals on the face, leaving a rough-textured finish. Highly skid-resistant, this finish is an excellent choice for walking surfaces.

Diamond 10

The Diamond 10 is a thermal finish with an added water jet treatment to enhance the color and appearance of the stone. Highly recommended on darker granite colors.






Granite Facts

Nearly impossible to scratch

Accepts hot pots and pans

Will not stain under normal use and will  

  clean up after use

Does not harbor bacteria

Not affected by citric acid, coffee, tea,

  alcohol, wine, etc.

Generally lasts forever

                --------------Since all granites are made by nature, no two are the same and all slabs should be reviewed and approved for each project. It is recommended that before buying any countertop material, you get a sample of each and conduct your own tests for staining and heat resistance.
What's the granite?

Granite, with its beautiful range of colours and patterns, is becoming much more familiar both for exterior work and for polished interiors. A huge range of different types is now available, with colours ranging from black and dark olive green, through speckled pinks and reds with a silver sparkle, to almost white. To a geologist, not all of these types of rock are strictly granites, but they do all have a similar geological origin, which is quite different from the sandstones and limestones which started out as soft sediments on some ancient sea or river bed.     more...