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           :Upright, Flat Marker, Slant Marker, Bevel Marker, Companion...

Upright Monument
Usually set flush with the ground, concrete foundations are not required

Flat Grass Marker

Set flush with the ground usually, no requirement for the concrete foundations

Slant Marker

These are thicker at the bottom and taper to the top. Not allowed in all cemeteries

Bevel Marker

Usually 6" thick at the top end tapering to 3" thick at the bottom end. Sometimes these require a foundation depending on the rules of the particular cemetery.


Typically there would be room for many names and specific information for each person

           :Canada, UK, JAPANUS, Kerbset, Special, AccessoryMemorial Statue...

                      :Polish, hone, sandblast, pick, full-round, bas-relief sculpture.

We have the best quality absolute black granite in China--Shanxi Black.


China black, Imperial Black, Snowflake Wool, Jadeite Green, Imperial Consubine Red are highly available material. Fantasy Red & Night Rose are not stable in quarry block quality. We would not suggest you to promote to your clients. While for Butterfly Blue & G343, they are stable, yet the quarry is rather far from our plant. So the minimum quantity for these two colors are half an container.





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